Understanding Human Psychology
We've All Been There
attending a team building event that doesn't feel quite right, an event that doesn't capture the imagination. Instead of team building, it inadvertently becomes team defeating.
What's Needed?
Creativity. Imagination. And Most Importantly, Understanding Human Psychology
 That's what's necessary to create truly motivational team building events. MBM has the people, the know-how, the experience and the creativity in-house to invent successful and motivational team building.
We Know How To Motivate People Because We Live By One Simple Axiom
We create team building events that we ourselves would be eager to attend. That simple litmus test eliminates the vast majority of commonly utilized team building concepts in the meetings industry. Rather than rely on old gimmicks, we create new ideas, using unique proprietary survey tools that allow us to understand what motivates your employees. We customize programs for each company, each client and each team.
From Participating In Socially Responsible Charitable Events
to exploring the wilderness of Alaska with your own dog team or learning to race cars, MBM knows how to motivate your team with extraordinary experiences!
Challenge Us
Let us provide a creative treatment, a concise custom designed creative concept for your next team building event. There's never a charge from MBM for this initial creative document.
Then You Decide
Let us show you what decades of thinking out of the box and understanding human psychology can do for your companies' next team building event.
Since 1977… "MBM has set the bar"
MBM has set the bar
Let us help you create perfection.
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