Speaker Bureau Management AND TRAINING
Speaker Bureau Management
 Finding, organizing, managing and ensuring that the outside speakers working for your corporation are conveying the correct message, being utilized by your organization on a consistent basis and bringing you a return on your investment, is a daunting task. A task that can be achieved only through careful planning and sophisticated customized software.
Let MBM analyze your speaker program. Let us recommend solutions, then design customized software that will give every individual in your corporation, worldwide via any browser, immediate access to every speaker in your bureau, access to their availability, ability to book them online, their curriculum vitae, a clip of their speaking expertise and much more. That will give you the return on your investment you desire and you deserve.
Speaker And Media Training
We live in a world of instant communication. Everything you say can instantaneously be distributed around the globe in fractions of a second. So what you say, and how you say it, is more important than ever.
 Virtually everyone in the business world will at one time or the other be on a stage, or they'll be recorded, or be involved in a Webcast, an online meeting, they'll be speaking to the media or they'll be involved in all of these communication encounters.
But very few of them will be trained.
And that's a recipe for unintended results. What every company needs is the opposite, intended results. And the only way you can get that is to ensure your speakers are properly trained. But the only thing worse than not being trained is being trained incorrectly.
So trained by who becomes the question.
For decades, MBM has had the answer: Ms. Heidi Berenson, President and CEO of Berenson Communications. And for one simple reason, Ms. Berenson has renowned experience.
When hiring your next speaker trainer, rely on MBM, rely on Ms. Berenson, someone who has trained Nobel laureates, who has trained heads of state and who has an office located across the street from the White House.
Ms. Heidi Berenson definitely has The Buzz. To book Ms. Berenson, email info@MBMProductions.com
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MBM has set the bar
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