Soliant ConsultingWe believe in creating powerful custom software and websites as an elemental part of a comprehensive meeting spend management program and a broader meeting and communication strategy. Custom software is the engine that powers the control all companies are looking for financially, strategically and organizationally. That's why one of our most valued MBM Consortium members is custom software designer Soliant Consulting, a worldwide leader in the creation of software applications, providing software solutions to such notable corporations as Genentech, Apple, Citibank, Symantec and more. Soliant focuses on "rapid application development tools", simply put, custom software created quickly, specializing in Salesforce.com, Adobe® Flex™, FileMaker® Pro and Web/PHP.
Meeting Spend Management Software
Custom vs. Customized
 Getting more but spending less on your meetings is every company’s goal and it is achievable, but not without custom software that fully automates, regulates and controls your Spend Management policies. Licensing pre-created (commercial) software and modifying it to attempt to meet your needs, as opposed to creating custom software, created from scratch for your exact needs, is a common approach, but one fraught with issues. Why? Because each corporation is unique, utilizing its own blend of financial software solutions from Oracle to SAP, which must flawlessly interface with all new software brought into the corporation. For spend management software to function, it must automatically push and pull data to and from your corporation’s other software systems to give you the reliable spend data you need. Commercial spend management software packages, even if customized, have a very low chance of properly interfacing with your corporation’s existing software. And if they don’t interface precisely, they will ultimately be discarded in favor of custom software.
Custom meeting spend management software will work flawlessly with all of your company’s other software because it will be designed to. We’ll interface with your IT department to ensure any system we build fits into your organization's overall technology strategy and is an exemplary good citizen with regard to systems, security, and platforms. Off the shelf, pre-made software, even if touted as "modified to your needs" simply cannot do that. With custom spend management software there will be no more confusion, no more correlating disparate data, no more saying, "No, I can’t get that report."
Custom software control is at the heart of MBM's internal meeting spend management system and it can be at the heart of your meeting spend management system as well. Rely on MBM Consortium partner Soliant Consulting to create your meeting spend management software as they have created software that manages billions of dollars of spend for companies like Citibank, Genentech and other Fortune 500 corporations. Before considering customizing off-the-shelf software which your corporation will have to forever pay for to license, consider custom software, which instead of becoming an expense on your profit and loss statement, will become an owned asset on your balance sheet, as it saves you millions of dollars per year on your meetings.
With custom software you will own a solution specifically designed for YOUR company and for YOUR needs so you can save money on YOUR meetings.
Customized Meeting Spend Management Software from MBM. Contact us today at info@MBMProductions.com or submit an RFP online to learn how to begin your Meeting Spend Management software project and through our meeting planning revenue share rebate program, to potentially reduce the cost of its creation...to zero.
How to Eliminate Your Travel Agency with Custom Software
Purchase Air Directly From the GDS and Save
Novel approaches are often necessary if a company wants to find new ways to save significant sums of money. For instance, because of technology, the day of the travel agency, for the most part, is coming to a close. Did you know that MBM can design software that will allow you to avoid travel agencies and instead purchase air tickets online DIRECTLY from the GDS (the Global Distribution System of all airlines) saving you millions of dollars in fees and getting you the lowest possible ticket pricing just like travel agencies do now for themselves?
And if you're wondering how would you speak to a live agent if needed given the above scenario, even with this type of online self-service program, live agents are a click of a button away and can be on the phone in a matter of seconds. You can get the best of both worlds, live agents as well as online and save tremendously. This is all possible with custom air software integrated into a well thought out meeting software program designed by MBM.
Controlling Spend Means Controlling Behavior
Beyond financial software control is administrative control, control of people's actions. Administrative control, reining in the way your company and your people purchase and spend on meetings, can only be achieved and enforced with software that mandates prudent spending by linking that software to your existing financial, P.O. and other internal systems. Even contract negotiation, after being accomplished for you by MBM's seasoned legal team and meeting planners, can be implemented, enforced and relayed through MBM's Meeting Spend Management Software.
How Do I Begin Creating Custom Meeting Spend Management Software?
Simply contact us at info@MBMProductions.com and we’ll audit your current spend management program, then correlate that with your spend reduction goals. And through our meeting planning revenue share rebate program, we can ultimately reduce cost of the creation of your custom software...to zero. Now that’s an offer that matches the goals and aims of procurement: to get more for less by leveraging relationships and spend. Call us today at 1.888.MBM.MTGS or submit an RFP to us online.
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