Incentive Meetings
Motivational Experiences, Not Trips
Are You Tired Of The "Same Ol’, Same Ol’"
when it comes to Incentive Meetings? Another trip to Hawaii, more golf? That same zip-line you zipped on last year? When you're waiting in a line 80 deep to experience a "one-of-a-kind" incentive, it can feel commonplace, not motivating.
Today's Employee Population Is Sophisticated
harder to please. They've done it all. They live in a fast-paced ever-increasing world of complexity and excitement. And they represent a greater diversity of cultures and interests. One destination, activity or trip format may motivate one employee, but it does nothing for another. This puts new demands on you and your incentive programs. The bar is constantly being raised. But are you changing your programs to meet this new demand? Or are you providing the same experiences you provided a decade ago?
How Do You Ensure That Your Travel Incentive Program Is Working For You In Today's World For Today's Employee?
The Answer:
Demand complete customization from your incentive house. Demand new ideas every time. Don't accept "what we did for the last client modified ever so slightly."
At MBM We Always Start With A Blank Slate
pre-interviewing you and your employees and learning about your company's current culture. Rather than rely on old gimmicks, we create new ideas, using unique proprietary survey tools that allow us to understand what motivates your employees. What do you want your travel incentive program to accomplish, what are your business objectives this year and what behaviors are you trying to drive? With that knowledge MBM designs a program that's right for your strategy and the people in your company.
Whether It's Commanding Your Own Dog Team While Mushing To Denali, Alaska,
going on safari with MBM's friend and famed naturalist Joan Embery or vying for a walk-on part on a TV show, MBM's exclusive Incentive Meetings will create once-in-a-lifetime experiences for your team, not merely trips. And, we'll brand it with your customized logos, create specialty websites and develop customized gift programs.
Seasoned MBM Employees Only, No "Travel Directors"
At MBM we'll never use "travel directors" (outside hired sub-contractors) to execute your incentive on-site as so many companies do, because an outside sub-contractor, learning last minute on the fly about how to execute your program that took months to create and prepare, simply can't execute exceptionally. MBM's teams are the most experienced in the business. We recruit and train for excellence. At MBM, we provide a higher level of service because we never use travel directors.
Ask For A No Obligation Creative Treatment
which MBM will customize for your next program. Then decide for yourself. Go with what you've always done, or try something new.
Since 1977… "MBM has set the bar"
MBM has set the bar
Let us help you create perfection.
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