Worldwide Meeting Planning
 Each meeting is unique, yet all meetings are the same in that they involve hundreds of elements and logistical considerations that must be all coordinated flawlessly. Since 1977 MBM PRODUCTIONS INT'L® has been producing award-winning meetings across the globe. Discover the secrets of our success. (Learn more...)
Worldwide AV Production
 MBM PRODUCTIONS INT'L® is unique in that we provide both AV production and meeting planning in-house, saving you time, money, reducing the amount of personnel needed and eliminating coordination snafus. Or you may choose for us to supply AV or Meeting Planning alone. Either way, being expert in both areas, we’ll seamlessly integrate the other. (Learn more...)
Virtual Meetings
 From the early days of satellite transmission in the 1970's, MBM has been producing virtual meetings longer than anyone in the industry. For decades, MBM has been a proponent of using virtual technology when bringing everyone together isn't practical or economical. MBM captures real life meeting excitement in ways that make your feel like you’re really there. (Learn more...)
Corporate Video Production and Filmmaking
 MBM's award winning films such as "The Art & Science of Making a Baby" have helped couples conceive children, "An Asthma Story" literally helped save lives and "Yes We Can Change our Destiny" shaped a Presidential campaign. Whether you simply need a meeting documented, or you're looking to brand your company with a comprehensive award winning image film, video is a "must do project" in today's world of digital communication and the Internet. (Learn more...)
Social Media Marketing & SEO
 You can create award winning films and beautiful advertising, but if no one sees your films or advertising, they’ll have no effect on your campaign. Too often in our history we would produce stellar films and then hand them off to others to distribute, only to be disappointed in the results. Because of that, we developed an aggressive division of our corporation focused solely on social media marketing and SEO. Now our client's films, marketing and advertising are distributed to millions in moments.
With our team of specialists in Google Ad Words, Facebook Advertising and Social Media Communication, we put our expertise in action for you. The world relies on the Internet to communicate. Our clients rely on us to harness the power of Internet and deliver results.
"However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results."
– Sir Winston Churchill
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Destination Management
 Since 1977 thousands of companies have relied on MBM’s destination management division, ChicagoDMC, when hosting conventions, company meetings or events in Chicago. MBM”s worldwide headquarters are located in Chicago, giving us the insider knowledge necessary to seamlessly coordinate everything from airport transportation to stunning Chicago events. Discover how we can make your next Chicago event spectacular. (Learn more...)
Global Air Travel
 MBM's full-service air reservation division handles every detail in the complex world of global air ticketing and management. From pre-meeting air market analysis to negotiation, profile setup, manifests and seamless execution, MBM does it all, thanks to our unique propriety technology and cutting edge travel software. (Learn more...)
Online Meeting Registration
 In 1984, when the world still ran on Rolodex® cards, MBM's proprietary software was developed, becoming one of the first on the market. Today, it continues to lead the way in sophisticated and automated attendee registration, project management and travel coordination. Discover, our indispensible time and money saving software suite that will manage your meetings and events flawlessly. (Learn more...)
Hotel Sourcing
 MBM PRODUCTIONS INT'L® is one of the industry's most highly acclaimed sources for securing hotel rooms around the globe. MBM's hotel sourcing clout and unique software provides deeply discounted room rates and sophisticated destination cost analysis. (Learn more...)
 Are you tired of the "same ol', same ol'" when it comes to Incentive Meetings? Another trip to Hawaii, more golf? That same zip-line you zipped on last year? Whether it's commanding your own dog team while mushing to Denali, Alaska, going on safari with famed naturalist Joan Embery or vying for a walk-on part on a TV show, MBM's exclusive Incentive Meetings will create once-in-a-lifetime experiences. (Learn more...)
Team Building
 Creativity, imagination, and most importantly, understanding human psychology. That's what's necessary to create truly motivational team building events. (Learn more...)
Speaker Management
 Finding, organizing, managing and ensuring that the outside speakers working for your corporation are conveying the correct message, is a daunting task. Let MBM analyze your speaker program, design customized software and ensure that you get the return on investment you desire and deserve (Learn more...)
Graphics, Presentation Design & CAD
 Let MBM’s team of the world's finest graphic designers help you with your presentations, room design layouts (CAD), branded graphics and custom animation. Our creative instincts, breadth of graphic design capabilities, depth of expertise, and unmatched resources give our clients unparalleled design work at surprisingly affordable rates. (Learn more...)
Since 1977… "MBM has set the bar"
MBM has set the bar
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