About MBM Productions Int'l
MBM, an acronym originating from our founding mission to create "Meetings for Business and Medicine," is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with offices and warehouses around the world. Founded in 1977 by CEO Steve Sulkin, MBM PRODUCTIONS INT'L®, The MBM Consortium and ChicagoDMC today are creators of not only award winning meetings and events, but fully integrated communication projects in pharmaceuticals, healthcare, financial, insurance and other global vertical markets.
Our Mission
Our mission is to bring the tools of television, which are now affordable and available to everyone, to the corporate world through SimuLyve® Virtual Meetings, and to combine that with equally professional F2F technical management, so as to provide a superior level of corporate communication to our clients and to the world.
Since 1977, MBM Productions International® has been supporting companies worldwide by producing high-quality communication projects such as SimuLyve Virtual Meetings, Corporate Video Production & Filmmaking, Worldwide Meeting Planning, Worldwide AV Production, Presentation Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing & SEO, Destination Management, Global Air Travel, Online Meeting Registration, Hotel Sourcing, Incentive Meetings, and Team Building.

PhRMA Code Expertise And Compliance
To support the extensive work MBM produces in the pharmaceutical and healthcare market, we have embedded into the structure of our corporation a commitment to supporting the guidelines for interactions with healthcare professionals, guidance articulated by PhRMA Code and the Office of the Inspector General (OIG). And in all industries, MBM is committed to ensuring that our relations with our customers, employees, suppliers, competitors and the community are conducted with the utmost integrity and adhering to the highest standards of ethical and just conduct.
Social Responsbility
Finally, MBM believes that a corporation is not complete in its mission unless they are deeply involved in individual and corporate responsibility to our world through philanthropy and community involvement. MBM's diverse body of work includes projects funded by MBM's corporate giving programs that have literally helped millions of people around the world.
MBM has consistently helped deepen understanding…

…inspired social and political change…

…and awakened compassion in our world

Since 1977… "MBM has set the bar"
MBM has set the bar
Let us help you create perfection.
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